Child Custody

Child Custody Attorney In Jacksonville, Florida

Figuring out child custody can be one of the most trying moments in your life. But, regardless of how difficult it seems, you will have to handle the issues pertaining to child custody as your child’s future is at stake. 

What is child custody?

Child custody refers to a parent or guardian’s legal rights and responsibilities to care for a child’s upbringing, including their physical custody (where they live) and legal custody (decision-making authority). When parents divorce or separate, a court may determine custody arrangements based on the child’s best interests.

What are the factors that determine a child's best interests?

How does the court determine what’s in a child’s best interest? Everyone involved in the child custody case (parents, attorneys, and judges) wants a child custody agreement that makes it easier for children to live happier lives. To achieve this, they consider the factors that lead them to approach the child’s best interests. Here are the factors often considered when drafting a child custody agreement.

  • Children’s sex and age
  • Their parents’ psychological and physical health
  • The parent’s lifestyle and social factors
  • The emotional bond between each parent and child
  • The wishes and plans of the child, if it is old enough to have them
  • Capacity to maintain a stable home environment
  • Willingness to adjust to school and community
  • Other cultural or religious considerations
  • Parents using excessive discipline or emotional abuse
  • How the child interacts with other members of the family
  • The impact of the changing status quo on children

Indeed, the court considers many other factors when deciding on child custody. But, the factors mentioned above are crucial to consider and will often significantly impact the final child custody agreement. The court might even use evidence of potentially dangerous scenarios a parent has been in to determine the child’s best interests.

Why do you need a child custody lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, for child custody cases?

Having an experienced attorney is crucial to achieving the desired case result. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a Jacksonville child custody attorney for child custody cases is highly recommended —

It helps set expectations and understand the process

Child custody cases are often more complicated than other court cases. The process involves a lot of paperwork, and the legal procedures are challenging, especially if you are new to dealing with court cases. You need to know the Rules of Civil Procedure and Family Court from the inside out. An experienced attorney will help you maneuver through the court proceedings and keep your rights protected all the time.

Impeccable negotiation skills to advocate for your stand

You want to build a solid impression right from the initial filing of the case to the temporary hearing. The family court will issue a “temporary order” once this hearing ends. The temporary arrangement in the order might not be what you think is in the child’s best interests. A child custody attorney in Jacksonville, FL, will be helpful as they can negotiate on your behalf and achieve the best possible outcome.

Protects your rights as a parent

You’d want to hire a family law attorney to avoid manipulation, as this simple action will protect your rights as a parent. It would be best if you had a child custody lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, who understands your rights as a parent and knows how to use them in crucial junctures. The Jacksonville child custody lawyer will provide proper guidance, direction, and support.


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