Paternity, in a legal sense, is the law establishing the official parenting rights of the father. This includes identifying the father and presenting him with the legal rights and responsibilities intrinsic to fatherhood. This is a complex trial as the court doesn’t know the biological father. We suggest you hire a family law attorney or paternity lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, that can give the right directions and successfully establish paternity.

After all, the trial can significantly impact the child, the mother, and the father involved in the process. 

Why should you hire a paternity attorney in Jacksonville?

Are you a father finding it difficult to see or co-parent your children? If you have paternity questions or are trying to establish paternity in Jacksonville, Fl.  Then, you should certainly seek legal help. We highly recommend hiring a paternity attorney in Jacksonville, FL, who can lead the charge in legal matters and help you navigate the complex legal processes. But what benefits will you receive when you hire a Jacksonville paternity lawyer? 

✅ Filing Proper Paternity Documents

✅ Having An Experienced Advocate In Your Corner

✅ Proper Paternity Order Modification


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